When Rebecca Leigh Joyce’s ex-boyfriend from high school, Henry, kills himself on her lawn, she vows she will never fall in love. She seeks comfort in material things to fill the void in her heart - fancy clothes, pretty jewelry, pampering at the spa. That’s why Connor Bankert is so appealing to her. As the owner of a local night club called the Cherry Popper, he is loaded and will pay for the rest of Rebecca’s fashion school tuition if she will give him sex. But Connor is dangerous. He has a rape history and is known around town for raping pretty, innocent women. Rebecca doesn’t like the idea of having to put out to get what she wants, but she will do it because becoming a successful fashion designer is her lifelong dream.

Grant, the boy that Rebecca works with at the Cherry Hut restaurant in Beulah, Michigan, is in love with her. He tries to get Rebecca to see that being with Connor isn’t safe. What Grant doesn’t get is that Rebecca doesn’t want love. Love is a distraction that will keep her from her dreams. Through selfless acts, Grant tries to show Rebecca that it is human nature to love - to give love and to receive love. Haunted by Henry’s suicide on her lawn, Rebecca is afraid to love anyone, but Grant eases his way into her heart. He makes her feel safe and wanted, whereas Connor only wants her for her body. Yet, Connor has a captive claim on Rebecca. Grant must prove to Rebecca that he is man enough for her. He sustains Connor-related injuries when Connor learns that Rebecca has been going out with Grant. Rebecca must find the courage to leave Connor, even though it would mean no fashion school tuition, if she wants a happily ever after with Grant.

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