This has been a long journey, going from the initial idea to getting all the words down in GoogleDocs and getting them perfect. Tonight I reached the 42,000 word mark. I had spent several months on the first draft and pitched to agents at the San Francisco Writers Conference. Several of them loved the idea for Island Girl, a contemporary romance in which two workers from Mackinac Island, Michigan fall in love in the heat of danger, One of them would only see it if I had it professionally edited, but that costs lots of money which I don't have. Lucky for me there are some agents who don't care about that, so I focus on them. Another agent requested to see the first six chapters and rejected it several months later. And yet another agent I talked to said I needed to start the action from the beginning, not the back story. I figured if I followed this agent's advice I would have more success.

After the conference, I sent out forty queries for Island Girl. One agent was totally interested and would have loved to have seen the manuscript, but didn't have time. She said to contact her again in six months if I don't have an agent by then. Query #21 came back wanting to see the full manuscript and synopsis! Woohoo! Unfortunately I was in the middle of a rewrite at the time I received this email from the agent, so I asked her to wait until I finished the rewrite. I want it to be perfect so that she'll sign me on and so that it will sell to her friends in publishing. I wish I could fast forward through time so that I could see what will come of all this hard work. Hopefully by my anniversary in three weeks I will finish this thing.

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