My apologies to my readers for no updates in nearly two months. Things have been crazy with the move. We arrived safely in Dallas on October 3rd and have been busy organizing our new home. It is quite different here, compared to the comfort of paradise that I found in California. I miss the mountains there. The land here is flat. There are tornado shelters in all the stores. Personally, I'd rather deal with an earthquake than a tornado any day. I have yet to find any good wineries out here, or good produce stores. There were a ton in the San Francisco area. There are a ton of restaurants here, specifically catering to Tex Mex and fried chicken. I have been lucky to find a lot of Italian restaurants here. There weren't any in San Jose besides Olive Garden, which you can't even get into unless you're willing to wait for an hour. Most of all I miss my church. It will take a while to find a home church where I feel like I belong. We went to a Baptist church this morning in our area that was very friendly. Everyone told my husband that he should join the choir. What I find sad about the churches out here is that they are segregated. Blacks, whites, and Asians all have churches of their own that they go to. That makes it even harder to find a church that my husband and I would be welcome at. We wouldn't find segregated churches in California. People are still living from the Jim Crow law days, so racial tension is still very much alive in the south.

I have been grieving the loss of my parents' cat, Sammy. They had to put him down last week. He became ill suddenly from poison and went quickly downhill. That combined with the move has been wreaking havoc on my emotions. I was hoping to see him when we go home for Christmas this year, but I'll never get to see him again. He was a good friend who will be missed.

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