Nothing bugs the crap out of me more than jaywalkers. Today I saw a kid trying to cross the street halfway between one light and the next light. A freaking kid! Dude, unless you wanna get yourself killed, walk a few extra feet to the next light and cross at the crosswalk where you're supposed to cross the street. Don't parents teach their kids these days about how to cross the street? Whatever happened to good parenting? A while ago I nearly hit some guy who was jaywalking in the middle of the road, so I honked at him and he had the audacity to flip me off when he was in the wrong! Low class! If you are jaywalking in the middle of the road right in front of me, I will honk at you. Beep! And don't get me started on the drivers who don't use their turn signals and switch lanes in the middle of a curve. Stupid! Watch where you're going, people! And get out of my f%$@! way!


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